Wealth Management | First Pacific Financial Services

First Pacific Financial Services provides personalized attention with customized asset management.

Our primary focus is on protecting and preserving what matters most to you. That is why we make it our priority to get to know you as a person. This commitment is strengthened by our specialized knowledge and experience, as well as the values we share in common with you. The result is a custom-tailored approach for helping you pursue your near- and long-term investment goals. After a careful review of your individual goals and objectives, we will help to design a portfolio that best reflects your needs. These investments may include individual stocks or bonds, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, various alternative investments and more.

Once we complete the initial process of setting up your investments, it doesn't end there. We will monitor the progress of your investments and we will meet regularly with you to make sure your investments reflect your current life circumstances.

Wealth management is the sum of the activities necessary to accumulate, protect, and transfer wealth. The wealth management approach to financial planning helps you make important decisions about investments, retirement, insurance, taxes, and transferring assets to heirs.

When you look at the sheer volume of choices you might have to make in your financial lifetime, it is clear that as you strive to grow your personal net worth you will most likely require some professional help. As Investment Adviser Representatives of Commonwealth Financial Network®, we have the ability to offer wealth management services that address the complex financial planning issues that you may face. Commonwealth's Wealth Management program provides us with the infrastructure to offer you a comprehensive array of services to help plan and manage your wealth through their Preferred Portfolio Services® (PPS) Custom program.

The Wealth Management Consulting program is potentially a great fit for those who prefer to maintain control over their own portfolio but occasionally would like a professional opinion on investment selection or risk exposure, or for those who would like assistance with financial projects outside of asset management.

  • Review your personal/family needs, goals and beliefs 
  • Determine financial objectives, include time horizon, risk tolerance, and assets allocation 
  • Portfolio construction and management 
  • Provide investment selection 
  • Access to institutional-quality separate managed accounts and alternative investment products 
  • Monitor portfolio on discretionary basis 
  • Rebalance and reallocation 
  • Monthly/quarterly reporting and tax reporting 
  • Quarterly and annual portfolio review meetings 
  • Online account access