What To Expect

    Our goal is to advise you on how to manage your assets on a portfolio basis, to show you the options available, and to help you make the best decisions for you regardless of whether you are an individual, organization, foundation, or company. 

    We work with you to determine the best structural platform that best meets your overall needs. This can be with the more traditional transaction/commission basis or on an Investment Advisory Service basis by account or across your entire portfolio of investable assets. 

    We understand that planning for your future, and that of your family, may at first seem complex and overwhelming. It is our goal to remove any confusion and stress that you might feel, and replace it with a feeling of confidence and security. Whether you choose us to take over your portfolio management, or you hire us to consult on a project, the following steps will be taken to help you effectively pursue your financial goals: 

    Determine Investment Objectives and Constraints. Getting to know you and your risk tolerance and financial goals is our number one priority. Our relationship with you is based on understanding, not persuasion. As a result, our goal is to explain wealth management in a way that makes sense to you. It is important to us that all of your questions are answered and that you fully understand what is happening at every stage in the process. 

    Determine Asset Allocation. Determining which existing positions should be maintained within your overall portfolio requires a detailed analysis of not only your current holdings, but also the proposed allocation going forward. Rather than ask you to trust us, we know that we must earn your trust, and this ties back in to our education process. We make sure that you fully understand our process, where we are heading and how we plan to get there. We will not talk at you, we will talk with you, making sure that you are comfortable with every step before any step is taken. 

    Investment Selection. Now that we know your risk tolerance and goals and we have determined the asset allocation that best matches those goals, we can choose the appropriate investments for the portfolio. Your asset allocation strategy is a framework for your course of action. No chosen portfolio is set in stone. As its value changes, we may rebalance your portfolio to maintain your original percentages. Or, we may change the mix in order to take advantage of, or avoid, certain trends in the markets and economy. We strive to provide first-class, quality service and we hold ourselves to the highest standard. 

    Implementation. Once your investment strategy is implemented we will let you know what to expect next, from investment policy statements, to the mailings you will receive, to the support behind the scenes, and other ways we will be working hard to help you realize your goals. 

    Monitoring and Reporting. The final step involves the ongoing monitoring of your portfolio, letting you know what we are doing to ensure that your portfolio continues to be efficient and diversified. We will want to review your account with you to ensure that your portfolio remains consistent with your personal situation and long-term goals. If your finances or personal circumstances change, we may recommend a shift in your asset allocation strategy to ensure that your portfolio complements your changing situation.