First Pacific Financial Services was founded in Santa Barbara in 1983 by George Emerson and two other investors. In 1988, First Pacific Financial Services joined Commonwealth Financial Network® and became their first independent financial firm on the West Coast. 

Our choice to partner with Commonwealth Financial Network—an independent broker/dealer with a more than 35-year history and a client-centric service model that mirrors our own—helps us maintain our independence. It allows us access to the vast array of investment choices and product strategies the industry has to offer, as well as the freedom to focus exclusively on what benefits you most, without pressure to promote a particular product or answer to a parent company’s sales quotas. So we can provide sound, objective guidance toward your financial success. 

This alliance has, through the years, provided clients with a wide variety of investment choices to complement their goals. This alliance has also provided First Pacific Financial Services with all the back office support to best serve clients and to help manage client accounts in a seamless and efficient manner. These services range from research and updated technology to continuing education and quality account services. 

The focus on quality, service, and personal attention is what led to opening a First Pacific Financial Services office in Monterey in 2004. Steve understood that many of the products and services offered were also available through other financial services companies. However, the decision to open a office allowed Steve to create the type of firm that would best suit what he knew the clients he would be working with would want and expect.  Today the office is located in Marina, just outside of Monterey.